Monday, January 25, 2021

Win Or Lose The Super Bowl Tom Brady Has Already Won

 When Tom Brady decided to leave New England many people felt Brady was making  a mistake after all, could he actually win without Coach Bill. Brady was betting on himself when he went into free at agency. Eventually, Brady ended up in Tampa Bay a team that hasn't sniffed the playoffs in a number of years. Brady thought he was the missing piece this talented Buccaneers needed to be a winner.

Brady went through growing pains as he tried to get his teammates to understand  what it takes to be a winner. During a stretch Brady and the Bucs struggled but he kept preaching  patience and commitment to the process. Slowly, the Buccaneers started to gel  and his dream of another Super Bowl was a plausible reality. Once the Buccaneers got into the playoffs Brady knew anything was possible.

Winning three road games would not be easy but we are talking about Tom Brady. After Brady completed the win over the Packers Brady could feel a sense of accomplishment as he now completed  part of the mission. Getting to a Super Bowl is tough and winning it is even harder. We are talking about Tom Brady so nothing should  surprise us anymore.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Did The Saints Make A Mistake In The Way Brees Got The Record?

Drew Brees has always been about team first and this time the team help him get an elusive record. Brees set the NFL mark for yards passing in a season, breaking a record Dan Marino held for 27 years, and New Orleans wrapped up the NFC South title with a 45-16 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Now I am glad that Drew Brees got the record, but the way he got it may come into question down the road.

Breaking records are great and nothing wrong with them when they are done the right way. Routing the Falcons to just get the record was something that should have been avoided. Bress still had another game to play and could have gotten the record next week. To keep Brees in to get the record and run up the score I cannot agree with. The interesting thing about this game is both Atlanta and New Orleans could meet on the playoffs. If that happens you can be sure they will remember how the Saints decided to run the score up on them.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Japan Stuns U.S. Claims 1st World Cup Title

No matter how you look at it, you have to give the ladies from Japan credit as they fought back and never quit. Even when down they found a way to win and claim their first ever World Cup Title in Soccer. The Japanese women won in a penalty shootout 3-1 to claim the title. The United States have no one to blame but themselves for this loss.

They let the Japanese  fight back into the game twice. The United States had plenty of chances to close them out, but could never get the job done. When that happens it usually comes back to haunt you and that is what happen to the United States women's soccer team. Give the United States women credit they did well, but this loss will be a bitter pill to swallow. On the other side Japan got the job done and deserves to be called World Cup Champions.

Tennesse Titans Have Quarterback Issues This Season

When Vince Young was let go the Tennessee Titans had no idea that Jeff Fischer was going to leave or Kerry Collins their starting quarterback would either. This has put the Tennessee Titans in a real bad position when the strike is settled. Right now the Titans are looking at Chris Simms and Rusty Smith as their quarterbacks. This has to send shivers now the fans of the Titans right now.

With the strike going on the Tennessee Titans cannot really do anything, so there hands are tied right now. It is a possibility they could talk Collins out of retirement, but you just do not know. Getting rid of Vince Young really put this team in a bad spot. With the strike about ready to end it looks like the Titans have a lot of work to do. One of the main things to do is find a quarterback, but there are other teams whom have the same idea. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for the Tennessee Titans.

Has Barry Bonds And Roger Clemens Beat The System?

It seems Major League Baseball and the Feds had a clear cut case against Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens when it comes to using steroids. Most baseball observers believe they have used them, but proving that in court has been another whole issue. The Federal government has struggled to get convictions and Clemens was just awarded a mistrial, so you do not know where it is headed that's for sure.

Now even if both players walk away free men it really does not change the opinion of the public as a whole. Most   everyone agrees they both used steroids and that opinion will never change no matter of the court outcome. Just as Mark McGwire has come clean it's time these two players do as well. If not they will always be considered cheaters in the public eye. Admitting they did steroids will still brand them cheaters, but at least the public will have some respect for them. The way it stands right now they are just two guys the public would rather hear nothing about.

MLB Schedule July 17, 2011

Chi White Sox
1:05pm ET

NY Yankees
1:07pm ET

St. Louis
1:10pm ET

NY Mets
1:10pm ET

1:35pm ET

1:35pm ET

2:05pm ET

Kansas City
2:10pm ET

Chi Cubs
2:20pm ET

3:10pm ET

LA Angels
4:05pm ET

San Francisco
San Diego
4:05pm ET

4:10pm ET

LA Dodgers
4:10pm ET

Tampa Bay
8:05pm ET

MLB Scores July 16, 2011

Florida 13
Chi Cubs 3

NY Yankees 4
Toronto 1

Chi White Sox 5
Detroit 0

Boston 9
Tampa Bay 5

Philadelphia 2
NY Mets 11

LA Angels 4
Oakland 2

LA Angels 3
Oakland 4
Final 10

Pittsburgh 4
Houston 6

Cleveland 5
Baltimore 6

Washington 5
Atlanta 2

Kansas City 3
Minnesota 4

St. Louis 4
Cincinnati 1

Milwaukee 8
Colorado 7

LA Dodgers 2
Arizona 3

San Francisco 3
San Diego 11

Texas 5
Seattle 1